Djibouti Visa Pricing (includes Embassy and handling fee)

5 daysturnaround
Tourist or Business Single entry up to 180 days $ 280.00
Tourist or Business Single entry up to 30 days $ 180.00
Tourist or Business Single entry up to 90 days $ 210.00
*Above prices include Consular / Embassy fee, Visa Center fee. No other processing fees will be added.

Djibouti Visa Requirements

  • Note: Personal interview at the consulate by appointment is required. Our fees include interview set-up.
    Original, signed United States passport with at least 1 empty page and 6 months of remaining validity.
  • One color passport-type photographs against white background. (Photo facility is available at all Visa Centers for $10)
  • Filled-out and signed Djibouti visa application form
  • Persons with dual citizenship, one of which is US, must apply with their US passports only. Applicants with other than US passports must provide the copy of the document confirming their current resident status in USA.
  • NOTE: Want to check if you prepared your Djibouti visa application documents correctly? Click on the following link: and send us your file for quick evaluation.

Djibouti Business Visa Requirements (additionally to the requirements above)

  • - Letter from US employer confirming the identity of the applicant and the purpose of business travel.
    - Letter of invitation from Djibouti.